A Stigma-Free Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween! 

In recognition of this day, let’s review the definitions behind some popular “scary” costumes. 


A vampire is a corpse supposed, in European folklore, to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth.


A zombie is the supernatural power that according to voodoo belief may enter into and reanimate a dead body


A Werewolf (in folklore and superstition) is a human being who has changed into a wolf, or is capable of assuming the form of a wolf, while retaining human intelligence.

Mental Patient

A mental patient is a person with a psychological disorder. They are not found in folklore, superstition, or voodoo. In fact, one-in-five people in the United States will have a psychological disorder at some point during their lifetime. So if you want to dress as a mental patient for Halloween, please feel free to dress like me.