Six Things You Should Do Everyday

Not to bum you out, but right now there are only six things keeping you out of an assisted living center. Nurses and social workers decide if you can live independently based on a half dozen “activities of daily life” (ADLs for short), which include eating, bathing, dressing yourself, going to the bathroom, getting out of your bed, and basically not shitting yourself. It’s not a high bar, but I think knowing that you have shit to do (literally) everyday can motivate you in your darkest moments.

While it makes sense to keep these ADLs on your to-do list (with the exception of washing of your hair because day two hair almost always looks better), there are six more things you should do everyday to really live life like a champ.   


1. Look Good = Feel Good

This isn't about wearing a full face of makeup or an Instagram-worthy outfit, but if you invest even five minutes into getting ready in the morning you'll feel more ready to take on the day.

2. Adopt a Mantra

I'm still digging T-Swifts’ inspiring Grammy acceptance speech, but anything that will motivate you will work. Write it down or say it to yourself a few times to get the full effect.

3. Move Your Body

Take a walk, run a few miles, have sex, or anything else that will get your heart pumping.

4. Eat Real Comfort Food

Mac and cheese might make taste good, but Greek yogurt, walnuts, and dark chocolate have vitamins and nutrients that'll reduce stress, ease anxiety and fight depression.

5. Talk to Someone

You don’t have a heart-to-heart with anyone, but you need to talk to someone other than a barista or take-out delivery person. Saying something out loud (not on chat or text) reminds you that are a real live person with something to say.

6. Write Something Down

Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, loves to jot down "What Went Well" at the end of your day. I think you can just as easily make a list of “Things That Sucked.” The goal here is to express your feelings and check-in with yourself.