The One Friend We All Need

Sometimes the friends you thought you’d share every moment of your life with with couple up, have kids, move away, or join CrossFit. They still love you, but they have less free time, and want/need to spend some of it bonding with friends who are at the same place in life as they are.

You need a friend who can be there for you now, wherever you are. Maybe even literally.

Megan, a character from the anthropological documentary on female friendships Bridesmaids, is exactly that friend. Watch her pro moves below as she shows up at Annie’s house to crash her pity party.

OK, Maybe the ass bite was a little much, but Megan is trying to get Annie to fight for her shitty life. She tells Annie that “You’ve got another best friend sitting right in front of you.”

Which is news to Annie. Megan is not the kind of girl she’d typically brunch with. She’s rough around the edges, over-extended on the puppy front, and has questionable taste in men, but she is there. She shows up.

We all need a friend like Megan.

She will get a drink with you after a rough day. She will text you back after you haven’t answered. She may even come to your house if you haven’t answered. She will say what you need to hear when you need to hear it. She may not be your girl crush, but she's probably the best friend you’ll ever have.

Thank that friend. Be that friend. And wash your hair.