Repealing the ACA is Bad for Mental Health

There are so many things to be concerned about with the repeal and maybe someday replace of the ACA. Not least of which that health care is one fifth of the economy. But this is not a blog about the economy, so let's zero in on how the ACA made it easier for millions of Americans to get mental health coverage. 

True Parity

Thanks to the recognition that mental health care is an essential health benefit, insurance plans have to include equal coverage for care. Congress tried to do this back in 2008, but long story short, there were too many loopholes to actually get it done. Now, your insurer can no longer say that you can only see your therapist every other week or set other arbitrary limits that have nothing to do with your needs.

Preventive Care

Depression screening is now a preventive care service just like getting your blood pressure taken. Which is pretty smart considering that about 15 million people have depression. You don’t have to wait to see a doctor though, you can take a quiz right now to find out if you meet the criteria for depression or anxiety.

The Under 26 Clause

If you are under the age 26 and on your parent’s health insurance plan, you now have mental health coverage. This applies even if you are married, live in another state, or if mom and dad are the root of all your problems.