Tell Me About Your Mental Health


You probably know someone with a mental health issue. One in four of us has one. And, although Dr. Google can tell you all about symptoms and treatment, there's very little info about how to deal with mental health issues in the real world. 

That’s why I’m writing a book about how we can live an awesome life while dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. I’m calling it “Everything Is Going to Be OK: A Real Talk Guide to Living Well with Mental Illness.” But in order for this book to start a conversation, it needs more than my voice. 

I’m asking you to spend about 15 minutes taking this survey about your mental health and how it impacts your health, relationships, and everything else in your life. Most of the survey is multiple choice, but there are times when you can go into more detail if you’d like.

Click here to take the survey!! 

The more voices this book has, the better will be. So please forward this to your friends, family, classmates, support group, etc. And, to sweeten the deal, by completing the survey you could win a $50 Amazon gift card.