Why I Wrote "Everything Is Going to Be OK"

Like pretty much everyone, I didn’t know anything about mental illness until it showed up on my doorstep. It arrived in the form of my brother’s schizophrenia and my own depression and anxiety.
As a journalist my instinct was to write about our experience, and almost instantly, my inbox became flooded with messages from people who were going through the same thing themselves or with their sister/son/friend/etc. Many of them asked for advice, and I felt frustrated that I didn’t have any. All I could think was, “I am not alone in this—so why aren’t more people talking about it?” I made it my mission to change that.

A decade later, after getting treatment for my own depression and anxiety, working for life-saving mental health organizations, and earning an MPH, I am very proud to share the answers I’ve found.

Everything Is Going to Be OK will help you to take control of your health, your life, and your future. With easy-to-read chapters, cartoons, and the occasional emoji, it guides you from diagnosis and treatment to self-care and recovery.

Since we all know health care is so freaking expensive, there are tips on how you can pay for it on your budget. And, because your real life exists outside of a therapist’s office, the book will help you optimize your lifestyle and relationships to stay mentally healthy.

Check out Everything Is Going to Be OK, available on Amazon, to get started living your best life.

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