10 Things People Wish Everyone Knew About Mental Health


There’s so much stigma and fake news about mental health. Before writing Everything Is Going to Be OK, I asked hundreds of people what they wish everyone knew about mental illness. Here’s what they said.

1. “It’s not just about trying to get attention.”

2. “Some things happen to our minds and bodies that we just can’t control.”

3. “You can’t just switch it on and off.”

4. “People often think that mental health requires only a good attitude and positive thinking. These things help, but they do not make mental illness go away.” 

5. “It is often more complex than a single diagnosis, and there is so much overlap between symptoms that it is difficult to pin down a single illness.”

6. “Mental illness isn’t just about feeling bad—it’s more like a low-grade state of existence that touches every part of your life.”

7. “It’s an illness, not a character flaw.”

8. “Having a mental illness does not mean that you are less of a person.”

9. “It is as real and valid as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, and any other physiological conditions you can think of. ”  

10. “It’s not anyone’s fault.”

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Read more real talk about mental health and learn how to have a happy and healthy life in Everything Is Going to Be OK.